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I have encountered Mark Milne in his capacity as a real estate agent in a number of circumstances. He was the real estate broker in connection with the sale by Howell Residential Communities at Hawk's Landing in Priddis Greens where I had an interest. Mark did what can only be called an amazing job in marketing the lots in that subdivision.

Subsequently, my spouse and I have retained Mark to sell our respective homes and to assist us in purchasing a new home. In all of my dealings with Mark Milne, I have found him to be the most professional. thorough, detail-oriented, careful, honest and pleasant residential real estate agent that I have encountered in my many years of practicing law and carrying on business in Calgary.

Accordingly, I am pleased to recommend Mark Milne as a residential real estate agent without any hesitation or qualification whatsoever.

If I can provide any other background or information to an interested party concerning
the work done by Mr. Milne. I would be pleased to do so


Yours truly.


Stanley Carscallen, Q.C.

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